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With the Openmind app, you can learn from your bedroom, but with the accountability, guidance, expertise, and individual attention you'd get in university office hours.
Our mentors are world-class:

Chat-based mentoring. A better way to learn.

Like a personal trainer, who personally ensures your fitness success, your Openmind mentor is fully responsible for and dedicated to your learning success. Chat with your mentor directly in the Openmind app any time, from anywhere.
Get instantly connected
Download the app, select what you want to learn, and get instantly connected with an expert mentor who will guide you 1-on-1 through the entire learning process.
Follow the perfect curriculum
Follow the perfect online curriculum designed just for you by your mentor, removing the guesswork and helping you leverage the best resources the internet has to offer.
Get answers to all your questions
Never get stuck again when learning online. Your mentor guarantees you have no unresolved questions every step of the way. If you aren't sure, ask away.
Stay committed & accountable
Follow our trademark check-in process to easily build momentum and make consistent progress towards your learning goals. Your mentor will keep you fully accountable.
Apply what you're learning
Complete personalized projects and assignments designed just for you by your mentor, helping you put your learning into practice. Learning is more than just watching videos.
Never feel alone
Chat 1-on-1 with your mentor whenever, wherever you are, directly in the app. Your mentor is always available for you and is fully invested in your success. So, chat on.

Learn absolutely anything

Join thousands of students on Openmind learning everything from iPhone app development to portrait painting.
- iPhone app development
- UI/UX design
- Machine learning
- Data science
- Game development
- Web development
- Ethereum development
- Chemistry
- Physics
- Math
- Economics / finance
- Digital marketing
- Entrepreneurship
- Business
- Psychology
- Meditation
- Painting & drawing
- Foreign languages
- Music production
- Animation
- Film production
...and many more

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